Saturday, July 21, 2007

Digital Layout 07/21/07

I really should be finishing my DC layouts, but they're all paper. And I wanted to play with the new computer. Wow--what a difference a bunch of RAM makes! It didn't hesitate, hiccup, or otherwise blink at anything. I had tons of files open in Elements, and it still ran lightning fast. (Man, mom, this would have made that layout on Thursday night a LOT faster to put together!)

This is the cover page for the layouts of the cruise we took to New England in '05. I think I may use this layout for all of my cover pages, using a representation of photos from the trip that may not otherwise appear on other layouts. We'll see. The beauty of digital is that I can change my mind with the click of a mouse!

05 Cruise

Digital kit: Fall Splendor (Nancy R. Janitz, ScrapArtist)



I like this digital layout, I may start doing it, as I don't have time to scrap and lay things out on the table.
Very cool!

MOM said...

I do like tht layout. Did you hear from the printing lady yet? I can't wait to see them printed.

Aleksandra, that would be a good way for you to put together layouts and have them printed. It would be better than a plain photo album but not as fussy as a scrapbook.