Sunday, July 22, 2007

Digital Layouts 07/22/07

More fun with Adobe Elements. While I may do some paper layouts of this cruise (particularly since I've bought paper, etc.), I'm enjoying the digital ones. And since 100% of the photos from this trip are digital, it's even easier.

05 Cruise: Bar Harbor

Paper: World Traveler, Sande Krieger (TwoPeas)
Ribbon: Fall Splendor, Nancy R. Janitz (ScrapArtist)
ling box: Seventies, Tia Bennett (TwoPeas)

Papers, ribbon, brads: Fall Splendor, Nancie R. Janitz (ScrapArtist)
Quote: Kim Hill
Photo corners: Travel, Rhonna Farrer (Two Peas)
Journaling box:
Fall Splendor, Nancie R. Janitz (ScrapArtist)

Papers, swirl: Fall In, Je
n Lessinger
Buttons: Give Thanks, Jackie Eckels
Bows: Lisa Cohen (ScrapArtist)
Fleur de lis: World Traveler, Sandy Krieger
Ribbon & charm: Travel, Rhonna Farrer


MOM said...

When I enlarge the image, the little circles say Rio de Janero and something else Brazilian. Did you notice that? I love the layouts though. You are cheating except I know how long it takes to do the layouts digitally too. I'll take a picture of the corrected layout that the rub on messed up. I had to do something different. I think the undo would have worked but I scratched a hole in the picture. Oops. I fixed it!!

Susan said...

I realized the same thing when I clicked on the layout on blogger. Oops. But I liked the color scheme too much to try to find a substitute. Wonder how big & noticeable that will be printed? It takes about an hour a page, I'd say. But it's much easier to cut things! =)

MOM said...

I think it will be just as noticeable when you print it. Sorry. Maybe it won't be too hard to find a substitute. You said yourself you can change it with the click of a mouse! :)