Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Toy

Well, mom has packed up and left. I've cooked dinner. And my DH has brought home a brand new computer made specifically for graphics-minded people and set it up. It's a fancy HP with 3MB of RAM. Yep, you read that right--3MB! And it has some insane amount of harddisk space too. But I'll stick with the the ol' portable harddrive for storing my pics--just to be sure my new toy stays super speedy. I'm about to make my very first digital layout on the new machine. We'll just see how this super duper RAM does.

UPDATE: Yowza--this sucker is fast! Elements loaded in less than a minute!


sarahk said...

No, I could not possibly have read that right. :) (3GB? That would be awesome.)

Susan said...

i will double-check with my resident computer geek, but i believe that's correct. the drawback...the video card doesn't have as much as i would really like. but hey, i'm not complaining. this puppy is fast!