Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wonder of Templates

Call me slow, but I just recently discovered the wonder of digital templates. Sure, sure. Some of you jumped on-board with these ages ago. The rest of us are a little slower. And mostly ... just a little leery of Photoshop. I mean, I can do the basics in PS Elements. But don't ask me to do anything complicated!

Then after seeing an article by Jessica Sprague in the January issue of Creating Keepsakes, I thought, "gee, maybe I'll give that a whirl sometime." It looks pretty easy. So I downloaded the template. And there it sat on my computer. For months. Until this weekend. When I thought, you know, I think I have a digital template that'll work for this page of photos I want to do. And I dug through my folders of digital stuff and *voila* there it was. But how do I use this sucker? Then I remembered the fabulous tutorial that went along with that CK article.

And that's the (short) story of how I got hooked on digital templates. And now I wonder why I hadn't leapt on-board eons ago?! B/c, I'm tellin' ya, these things a grrrrrrrreat!

{Finished page using template coming soon to a post near you ... on Thurs.}


john said...

nice templates ! more professional web templates at itemplatez.com... its a easy download.

The Cockrells said...

is it just me, or is this all gibberish to me? LOL. but i'm glad you like it! it's been suggested to me that i learn how to design websites so that i can work from home doing that and quit my day job...only in what spare time would i learn this business?!