Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Setup

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't done a single thing since that last batch of cards. But I have thought about what's up next. Does that count? =) Actually, I'm about to start making the Christmas cards, though I won't post the design for a while b/c I don't want to spoil it for anyone who may read this blog. I do have lots of birthday cards to make over the next month, so never fear, there (theoretically) should be new posts.

It's been several weeks now since the new printer arrived. Man, this is a slick machine. I'm amazed at the difference in color & quality, but I guess that's what an extra $400 buys you! I can't wait to actually put it to the test. At this point, I've only printed some this-n-that photos--nothing serious. If anyone is considering a wide-format printer, be sure you think about the footprint. I knew it would be significant, but I really wasn't prepared for just how much space this new toy would occupy. For an idea, here's the set-up when it first came out of the box:

That's a lot of desk space! There was absolutely no way I could work in a space this cramped, so I had to shoot from the hip & find a better solution. I can't say this is the best in the world, but it does the trick until I think of something better.

Of course, mom loses her scrappin' space in the craft room until I can rearrange a few things. I need to go through some old supplies & give away what I know I won't use. That will free up a corner where I can move all of my music. That will put all of the craftin' stuff together & allow room for another table when mom comes over.

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