Thursday, September 4, 2008

Support for Fellow Blogger/Crafter

You may or may not have heard the story of your fellow crafter Stephanie Nielson. I was first turned to the story by Lizzy (of Creating Keepsakes fame). In short, Stephanie and her husband Christian were involved in a plane crash. The instructor aboard died as a result of his injuries. Christian has burns over 30% of his body while Stephanie has burns over 80% of her body. Christian is now awake, though often sedated to induce quicker healing and reduce pain, while Stephanie remains in a coma. Recovery for both will be long. In the meantime, family and friends are caring for the couple's four children and household.

Since the story first broke, many other bloggers have made mention of the story. And I know that we have all been touched - by stories of Stephanie's devotion, faith, love of family, tenacity, and strength of spirit.

It's certainly a reminder that each day is gift - one which we are not promised to begin nor to finish. But there is peace in knowing that there is a Plan for each of us.

For more about Stephanie or to help with her recovery, follow the links below.

Stephanie's Blog
c jane (Nie's sister)
Recovery site
NY Times article

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