Friday, March 21, 2008

I Did It

After several positive, you-go-girl comments, I did it. I bought the Crop-a-Dile last night. I'm hoping that YouTube demo video I found is helpful in teaching me how to use this bad boy. Because those in-the-box directions don't look very helpful! Have cards to make this afternoon. I'll let ya know how it goes.

Meanwhile, two more days - two more coupons. Definitely getting extra curling tags with one of my coupons. Not sure about the other. I was thinking about the Cutterbee Bugs. Any suggestions on a must-have that I might not already own?


hollystar said...

YAY! welcome to the crop-o-dile club!!! arent enabling "internet buddies" GREAT?!?!

i dont have the cutterbee bugs. i've seen them. they seem cute. they even seem like possibly a good idea. i still dont know how much i would use them. none of the ladies i crop with have them, or at least they dont use them regularly around me. other suggestions: i always check out the stamps and ink pads while i'm there. both of which just so happen to NOT be on sale this week... also, another GOOD pair of scissors is never a bad idea.

i went to use a 40% coupon yesterday on another PSB only to find it was already on sale for a mere 25% off so i couldnt use the dang 40%. poop. next time.

last night i got the idea that i NEEDED a heat tool/gun. NEEDED! it seems like it will be more than an embossing tool for me since i am one of those impatient types that likes to hurry things along. BUT, i am excited to start embossing after watching tons of youtube videos and checking out all the cool powders tim holtz/ranger has out there...

Susan said...

so yesterday i came home with some more tags for my tag curler b/c the store i went to didn't have the cutterbee bugs. and come to think of it, i'm sure any of the stores i've been in this week had them. hmmm. guess i'll have to buy them online somewhere - IF i can avoid shipping.

you know, i didn't realize how much i needed a heat tool until i actually got one. i originally got it for embossing - which has become one of my favorite embellishments. so i think you'll LOVE doing it too. anyway. then i realized what other great uses that heat tool has & i'm not sorry i own it. i got mine from stampin' up b/c my mom's friends recommended it after trying a bunch of other ones. they say it works the best & lasts the longest. thus far, i have no complaints!