Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Posts Coming

I have several posts in the pipeline. I have to convert a PDF file to JPG to get it posted--it's a great digital layout my mom sent me. I've made several cards recently. Sent one out without photographing--whoops. The others I've put back until I could get photos taken & posted. Hope to get all that done tonight, particularly since I need to get the birthday card on its way if it's going to get there on time.

Still haven't fixed whatever I did to my desktop. Probably gonna have to wipe everything & start over...assuming we can find the original software. That could be a problem. Hoping to upgrade the RAM too. Realized it wasn't up to snuff. Gee, you'd think one of us would have checked that when we installed Adobe Elements (AE) the first time. Anyway, after upgrade, we should be up to 1GB of RAM. That really ought to speed things up considerably, particularly when I have AE running. Have almost everything moved to the external HD. Man, that made a difference too.

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